Correct transport costs: why quality pays off!

Of course, as an entrepreneur you always look at the price tag of the services you use. Hamofa Logistics aims for an extremely high-quality handling of every transport, all inclusive, so to speak. This also means you always pay a correct price for this high-quality total package: slightly less than it is worth, we might add. The transport costs for bulk and mass transport may be a little lower than those for individual packages, but the added value of our dedication and expertise is more than worth your buck. Moreover: partnering up with us saves you money!

How digitization and efficiency reduce transport costs

As mentioned, at Hamofa Logistics we always aim to be at the forefront of innovation and digitization. To achieve this, we use state of the art systems that continuously boost communication, planning and efficiency. Evidently, it’s not about the gadgets; it is part of our strategy for becoming increasingly effective.

It all starts with our straightforward pricing calculator. You just enter what you want to ship and where you want it delivered, we immediately tell you how much it will cost. In that calculation, all costs are integrated and optimized. By linking the most recent data to the gigantic database we have collected over the years, we always find the most time-saving and qualitative approach for your specific shipment.

Transport costs are not fixed, our high standard is

Transport costs are determined by many variable parameters; it is therefore not a fixed cost. That is why a high-end logistics platform, which allows planners, drivers, managers to always keep track is the key to lowering total transport costs and optimizing returns. It’s no secret that companies collecting, sorting, analyzing and assessing previous transport data are better equipped for discovering opportunities and areas of improvement. Such a platform also gives planners and managers the ability to detect and eliminate unnecessary costs, such as fuel consumption, inaccurate routing processes, ineffective distribution or storage networks and other unnecessary time consuming factors.

That is exactly why Hamofa Logistics chooses to lead the pack in every technological and digital development. This way, our customers never miss an opportunity for high-quality shipments at a correct price. The time saving and unburdening we offer, often even leave extra budgetary space!