Meet the team ofHamofa Logistics

More than anything, Hamofa Logistics consists primarily of real people. Below you can find a list of contacts who are happy and dedicated to help you out:

Will Hoeben


+32 11 440 540 NL-FR-EN-DU

José D'Andola

International Transport/Germany

+32 11 440 550 NL-FR-EN-DU-ES

Bart Nijsen


+32 11 440 553 NL-FR-EN-DU

Thomas Arent


+32 11 440 556 NL-FR-EN-DU-PL

Jorre Mooens


+32 11 440 567 NL-FR-EN-DU

Reinhilde Roemers

Administration & Accountancy

+32 11 440 561 NL-FR-EN-DU

Karen Rijnders


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Hoeben-Hamofa Logistics:familiesaga becomes success story

The timeline below gives you an idea of the history of Hamofa Logistics.

1961 - The originHow quality lead to growth

When Mr. Peter Hoeben (1921-2010) started his "Transport company Hoeben PVBA" in December 1961, he probably never thought this story would become so big. With a small truck he distributed fodder and took the cattle to the local slaughterhouses. Over the years, the demand to transport general commodities increased steadily. The volumes thus increased… and the fleet grew with it. More and more international destinations appeared on the task list.

1981 - a milestone in prosperity and growthThe transport company expands, infrastructure must follow

The company was slowly exceeding its own size. The existing infrastructure was no longer sufficient to accommodate this expansion. In 1981, the company therefore moved to its current location in the industrial zone of Hamont-Achel. Here they had, among other things, their own garage with a washing and refueling installation to maintain the fleet. The warehouses were expanded over time and equipped with loading and unloading bays. The future was being sculpted.

2011 - 50 years of aiming for connectionA strong reputation forges international alliances

Thirty years later, Hoeben Transport N.V. was an established name in the Belgian and international transport scene. Services expanded across Europe, with a focus on Germany, Scandinavia and the Benelux. More and more contacts were made with partners and agents in various countries. The policy decisions over the years paid off: the new structure and partnerships created an atmosphere of stability and enabled the company to meet all customer needs. In December 2011, Hoeben Transport N.V. celebrated its 50th anniversary.

2018 - Acquisition by the hamofa groupnew perspectives, same family culture

The nearby Hamofa group also experienced spectacular growth. Both companies knew each other through and through; they had worked well together for several years. This good relationship cannot be considered apart from the fact that both companies cherish their identity as a family business. In September 2018, Hoeben Transport N.V. was taken over by the Hamofa group. This cross-fertilization turns out to be the chronicle of an announced success.

Hamofa Logistics - your partner forreliable transport

The emphasis on the word "family business" is all but coincidental. Hamofa Logistics is about much more than isolated transactions. We go for sustainable partnerships, in which we like to see our customers/partners grow. That is why trust is elementary to our vision. We deploy all of our potential (which is quite a bit) every day to fully earn your trust!

Part of the Hamofa group

The advantage of being part of a large group such as Hamofa is that we can rely on an almost inexhaustible source of knowledge concerning the most diverse industrial sectors. This always gives us that extra edge. The network of the multinational is specifically useful to us as a transporter. These enormous assets directly reflect on our customers.

A family business, powered by a multinational engine

Hoeben's specialized know-how, fueled by the broad technical expertise and the worldwide network of the Hamofa group, has proven to be a true recipe for success. The friendly, approachable identity, culture and vision were not affected in any way. All the distinctive advantages of a family business now have the extra growth power of a successful multinational. It goes without saying that this remarkable combination of assets results in a service package that participates at the top of the national and international logistics industry. Both this family culture and the large scale are therefore permanently cherished, which means we continue to push boundaries, teaming up with our customers of course.