Expedition services by Hamofa Logistics

ExpeditionThe international Hamofa network: reliable and tailor made

Using our own people worldwide would not be the most sensible formula in terms of cost efficiency. That is why we have a flexibly deployable network that is able to treat your shipment with the same care and quality. This way, you are assured that, all around the world, your products and shipments reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Our guarantees:

Worldwide subcontractors, 24/7 availability
Tailor-made solutions
Answering to every question
All risk insurance possible
Reliable partners
The same high quality, all over the world

Modern trucks with on-board computers ensuring the most efficient communication

Permanent monitoring while on the road

Our subcontractors and agents are available 24/7 all over the planet to process full loads, partial consignments, parcel transport… with the greatest care. We are confident we find a solution to virtually every challenge. Would you like some extra security? Then we insure your shipment all risk, no problem at all! There is simply no greater safety guarantee.

efficiency and sustainability, based on cutting edge technology

Standing still is evidently never an option, especially in this business. Therefore, Hamofa Logistics is strongly committed to both innovation and responsibility. Always using the latest and most effective techniques, we optimize efficiency and reduce our (and your) ecological footprint. Sustainable entrepreneurship is much more than just a fancy concept; It is no coincidence that "Optimization", "Modern", "Environment" and "Recycling" are the four pillars of our vision.
Investing in a state of the art infrastructure is simply crucial in order to offer our customers the best service and efficiency every day. It’s how we continue to achieve our high-end ambitions. Our unrelenting commitment to innovation enables us to fully use our flexibility for finding the best solution, every single time.


A crucial aspect of responsible entrepreneurship is reducing the ecological footprint. By continuously investing in modern means of transport with an ever lower ecological impact, we take care of our planet. Our efficient route calculations and loading strategies also make quite a big difference.


Keeping a careful eye at the entire supply chain, we encourage the reuse of materials and products. A circular economy benefits everyone. As a transport company, we are fully aware of our responsibility.


Standing still is never an option, especially in this industry. That is exactly why we continue to make great efforts in ensuring both sustainable development and superior services. Perfectionism is the engine of this progress. As a customer, you are entitled to the best services and products available at any time. We go the extra mile for you!


Onze services: grensverleggend in ieder opzicht

Transport is zoveel meer dan een zending van A naar B verplaatsen. Het is de bloedsomloop van de samenleving én de economie. Ongeacht de aard van de pakketten, afstanden, verschillende nationale en internationale regelgeving, snelheid… Hamofa Logistics perfectioneert uw transport tot in de kern. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat de levering gestroomlijnd, kostenefficiënt en met de allergrootste zorg gebeurt. Onze diensten omvatten elk facet van de verzending: logistiek, administratief én juridisch.

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