Our vision: wide range, profound quality, warm company culture.

Hamofa Logistics strives to be more than an anonymous transport multinational. Despite the international operating scale, we cherish our identity as a family business. Authentic involvement with staff and customers is an indispensable ingredient of our growth formula and success. It is exactly the growth of our (and your) people that facilitates our development. Sustainable innovation and responsible entrepreneurship are key concepts in our vision, in which quality always trumps quantity.

Staff with years of experience Human capital: a profitable investment

Whoever starts working for us usually stays with us for a while… even several decades. People with over 35 years of service are no exception at Hamofa Logistics. This evidently has its consequences for the quality of our services. The goldmine of knowledge and expertise is virtually bottomless. Younger employees immediately benefit from the generous advice of our hands-on experts. We barely have any turnover here. This also contributes to the warm family-like atmosphere in the company: everyone knows everyone. Officially there is of course a "chain of command", but we fully realize that every link is equally valuable… the customer also benefits from this concept.

Continuous training, perfectionism as motivation Professional development stimulates passion and work pleasure

The logistics industry is constantly on the move and therefore changes itself at lightspeed. Regulations, technology, new concepts… staying behind is not an option. That is why we are fully committed to qualitative and in-depth training for every employee. Continuous training is an elementary part of our personnel policy. The result: an army of about 130 experts, mastering the sector through and through. Another reason why our customer base is growing rapidly. When you leave your logistics to professionals, you can fully concentrate on your own core business.

state-of-the-art vehicles with on-board computers for streamlined communication

And constant monitoring on the road

To stay ahead in this business, we are fully committed to innovation and digitization. For example, our trucks are equipped with ultramodern on-board computers and each driver has a hand-held device with which every detail of the transport route is meticulously tracked. This also translates into unrivaled ease of use for the customer. Another example; as soon as a delivery has been digitally signed off, an invoice or other document already rolls out of our printer. Of course, human communication also remains a valuable asset. All our employees, locally and internationally, are easily approachable. This way, we can keep you informed of every detail concerning your shipment.

Efficiency and sustainability, based on cutting edge technology

Standing still is evidently never an option, especially in this line of work. Therefore, Hamofa Logistics is strongly committed to both innovation and responsibility. Always using the latest and most effective techniques, we optimize efficiency and reduce our (and your) ecological footprint. Sustainable entrepreneurship is not just a fancy concept; It is no coincidence that "Optimization", "Modern", "Environment" and "Recycling" are the four pillars of our vision.
Investing in a state of the art infrastructure is simply crucial in order to offer our customers the best service and efficiency every day. It’s how we continue to achieve our high-end ambitions. Our unrelenting commitment to innovation enables us to fully use our flexibility for finding the best solution, every single time.


A crucial aspect of responsible entrepreneurship is reducing the ecological footprint. By continuously investing in modern means of transport with an ever lower ecological impact, we take care of our planet. Our efficient route calculations and loading strategies also make quite a big difference.


Keeping a careful eye at the entire supply chain, we encourage the reuse of materials and products. A circular economy benefits everyone. As a transport company, we are fully aware of our responsibility.


Standing still is never an option, especially in this industry. That is exactly why we continue to make great efforts in ensuring both sustainable development and superior services. Perfectionism is the engine of this progress. As a customer, you are entitled to the best services and products available at any time. We go the extra mile for you!