13.000m² WarehouseHamofa Logistics ‘pampers’ your shipments

The modern loading and unloading docks in our warehouse ensure fast loading and / or unloading of the trucks. The double-walled insulation of our halls also makes them frost-free in winter and cool in summer; a blessing for the storage of temperature-sensitive products. All possible products receive the most careful treatment here. Punctuality and cleanliness are of course a given. Our highly trained staff keeps a close eye at every aspect, including safety, all the time.

Our warehouse activities:

Long-term storage
Inventory management
Order picking & materials handling
Value added logistics
Rigorous surveillance by a specialized firm

Masses of storage capacity, easy loading, far-reaching commitment

Hamofa Logistics monitors your shipment every step of the way

As soon as your shipment is in our care, you are fully relieved: Hamofa Logistics uses rock-solid storage systems, the most advanced communication tools and high-performance on-board computers. It’s how we guarantee the utmost care for your cargo, we accurately monitor every millimeter of the route and we always know exactly where your shipment is located. Surprises are simply non-existent.

Efficiency and sustainability, based on cutting edge technology

Standing still is evidently never an option, especially in this line of work. Therefore, Hamofa Logistics is strongly committed to both innovation and responsibility. Always using the latest and most effective techniques, we optimize efficiency and reduce our (and your) ecological footprint. Sustainable entrepreneurship is not just a fancy concept; It is no coincidence that "Optimization", "Modern", "Environment" and "Recycling" are the four pillars of our vision.
Investing in a state of the art infrastructure is simply crucial in order to offer our customers the best service and efficiency every day. It’s how we continue to achieve our high-end ambitions. Our unrelenting commitment to innovation enables us to fully use our flexibility for finding the best solution, every single time.


A crucial aspect of responsible entrepreneurship is reducing the ecological footprint. By continuously investing in modern means of transport with an ever lower ecological impact, we take care of our planet. Our efficient route calculations and loading strategies also make quite a big difference.


Keeping a careful eye at the entire supply chain, we encourage the reuse of materials and products. A circular economy benefits everyone. As a transport company, we are fully aware of our responsibility.


Standing still is never an option, especially in this industry. That is exactly why we continue to make great efforts in ensuring both sustainable development and superior services. Perfectionism is the engine of this progress. As a customer, you are entitled to the best services and products available at any time. We go the extra mile for you!


Our services: groundbreaking in every respect

Transport is so much more than moving a shipment from A to B. It is the backbone of society and the economy. Regardless of the nature of the packages, distances, different national and international regulations, Hamofa Logistics perfects your transport to the core. In this way we ensure that the delivery is streamlined, cost-efficient and with the utmost care. Our services cover every facet of the shipment: logistics, administrative and legal.

International transport





Transport insurance